Overhead Gantry Crane

Overhead Gantry Crane

Here at OverheadGantryCrane.co.uk we put a huge amount of emphasis on not only making sure you get the right gantry crane for your needs but also the training and safety awareness needed to operate it correctly.

We are constantly looking to raise the standards of operation and efficiency throughout the UK crane industry. With our full support right throughout the purchase and installation period you can be sure all your business objectives will be met. See great examples of Hoists and End Carriages at BCP Cranes UK.

Gantry Cranes for Sale: New & Used

We set the UK benchmark for success in the areas of new and used Gantry Cranes. Call us for a free quotation and the chances are we will have what you require in stock. Few companies hold anywhere near as much stock as we do, so not only do you get the best prices but also the fastest delivery and installation possible.

In the modern world, health and safety is of paramount importance as site owners and managers are now accountable for the safety in their employees at work.

It is therefore more important than ever to make sure you only buy a new or used crane from a professional company that endorse the correct competency standards and have the right compliance procedures for your cranes usage.

Having the correct safety standards in place will not only increase your companies’ productivity but also reduce the chance of any work place accidents.

 Gantry Crane Operating Standards

Staff that operate and service overhead cranes that lift heavy loads take on a significant responsibility. Think of the impact on you staff and company if a load or the crane itself fell on someone or just crashed through a wall or damaged other equipment in the factory or warehouse.

Here at Overhead Gantry Cranes we have the level of skill and attention to detail that ensures the safe operating procedures are in place with any crane that we install.

We know that a skilled crane operator is a craftsperson in their own right, but this correct knowledge, skill and attitude can only be achieved by getting the correct training and experience.

If you want your staff to be skilled crane operators then you must commit to a significant amount of training to ensure they are up to standard and remain so with on-going training and development.

Overhead Crane Servicing

We not only sell but service new and used overhead cranes. Our service engineers are real experts and can not only help your crane operators with the theory behind safe lifting operations but also hands on operating improvements.

We offer the latest crane technology in the UK. Overhead cranes come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes and our up to date cranes have in built computers so what could be a very complex piece of technological equipment can in fact be very safe and efficient when it is operating.

We offer rubber tyre type or track mounted mobile cranes which can be used in a variety of different industries or building sites. Harbour cranes for lifting massive containers on and off ships, but our main line of work is Overhead cranes in factories and warehouses which will keep your business operating quickly, by efficiently and safely moving materials and equipment for you.

Maintenance and Servicing

All cranes should be regularly inspected and serviced including the specialised areas such as the mechanical parts, hydraulics, electrical and electronic components. Often overlooked is the importance of not just erecting the rigging and roping in the first place but checking it regularly to ensure safe operating standards at all times.

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